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Our last design project !

LBI Foundries is proud to announce our last art / architectural / design project, cast and machined in our plants (LBI and INOXYDA), signed by world class designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec !!!

This project was presented last week at the new private Art-Museum la Bourse de Commerce | Pinault Collection in Paris.

We realized high flag bearer masts in Nickel Aluminium Bronze, centrifugally cast, then assembled, welded together and final machined at LBI, and at their feet, Black patinated “Rocks” made in Bronze by our company INOXYDA.

This was a new occasion to challenge and highlight our know how, our taste for excellence and synergies into our foundry group LBI Foundries.

This is the second project made for Bouroullec brothers, for which we already produced masts in Nickel Aluminium Bronze dedicated to the new Fontaine on the famous Champs-Elyséesof Paris in 2019.

Our new sales office in the UK !

LBI Foundries and its subsidiaries LBI, SRI & INOXYDA are very excited to announce the launch of our UK subsidiary ‘LBI Castings Ltd’.
The creation of our new UK office enables local support of our valued partners by a dedicated sales team.
This new venture enables improved customer service and development of our existing (Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Power Generation and Aerospace) customer base in the region.
This office is responsible for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
Simon Margison has worked successfully as a representative for our centrifugal casting & machining divisions during 2020 - 2021.

Simon becomes responsible for the new business development activities of LBI Castings Ltd for the following plants:-

LBI Les Bronzes d’Industrie | Centrifugal Casting | <6m OD x 4.5m long | components 20 tonnes max
SRI Saint-Rémy Industrie | Sand Casting | 2m Sq | components 2 tonnes max
Inoxyda | Sand Casting | 5m Sq | components 50 tonnes max

To know more about the commercial offering (casting or machining) of LBI Castings Ltd please call or email Simon Margison directly.
+44 (0) 7340 833 440

To follow our upcoming news, subscribe to our new Linkedin page dedicated to LBI Castings Ltd! : https://www.linkedin.com/company/lbi-castings-ltd/

A permanent showcase on the Champs-Elysées!

views of the new fountains of the elysées fields in Paris made by the Bouroullec brothers. The masts of these fountains are hollow tubes centrifugally cast and welded together - The Aluminium Bronze alloy was chosen for its mechanical properties, its excellent corrosion resistance and its unique colour.

Extract from the press kit:

Paris, 12 March 2019 - A new life has begun for the fountains of the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées.
Designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have thus produced a design for this famous Rond-Point, which is both a spectacular and poetical interweaving of water, light and movement.
After three years of work, from preliminary sketches through to full-scale tests, the new Fontaines des Champs-Elysées have just been fitted into place.

This restoration has been completed by a remarkable artistic creation (and genuine technological feat) by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, worthy of the significant role that the Champs-Elysées plays in the heritage, aesthetic and emotional landscape of Paris.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec designed six structures consisting of a 13m-high central mast in bronze,
which supports a series of crystal light hangings through which the water f lows and falls. The whole
structure rotates very slowly, at the same pace as passing pedestrians, and glistens like light in motion accompanied by the play of water.

“We had to find the right balance for this design between a monumental and airy structure, in order
to blend into the urban landscape, to highlight as delicately as possible the view between Place de la
Concorde and Place de l’Etoile and to subtly mark the passage from the peace and quiet of the gardens to the bustle of the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. Our greatest wish for this project was to bring to the heart of the urban landscape, in an open and popular site, a highly ambitious creation in terms of both aesthetics and technicality. It was a real pleasure to bring together a unique collective of expertise and craft excellence, from workers to engineers, at the service of a creation which now belongs to everyone” said Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec during the unveiling of the new Fountains.

Each mast is anchored to a steel chassis weighing more than two tonnes and a system of rotating parts makes the fountains revolve.
A total of 40 companies and more than 250 people participated in the design and building of the
Fountains to produce these technological wonders on a par with the most complex of aeronautic works or timepieces.

This ambitious creation, which should mark a milestone in the development of the city’s urban landscape, is a testament to the commitment of Paris to the future of the Champs-Elysées as an iconic landmark of the city’s attractiveness and renown.

LBI and its employees are very proud to have participated in the construction of these fountains by supplying all the masts, assembly of hollow tubes in Aluminium-Bronze (NAB or CuAl alloy) manufactured thanks to centrifugal casting technique used at the Amnéville foundry shop.
In addition to casting the tubes, LBI also carried out their machining and complete assembly.

If you have monumental art sculpture projects, let us know your needs or wishes, our teams will be able to advise you.

LBI’s castings on Mars!

InSight sismometer SEIS landed on Mars with LBI castings aboard
On Monday, November 26, at around 9:00 pm French time, after a 6-months journey of almost 500 million km, the InSight mission module landed on the planet Mars.

The InSight mission, with a budget of nearly a billion dollars, carries on board an hypersensitive seismometer designed by CNES and Sodern. Operational in early 2019, the SEIS instrument is able to hear the shock waves of meteorites that regularly crash on Mars, but also earthquakes, creaking layers, and their deformations.
This SEIS seismometer contains parts made of our special alloys EXIUM® AM and ALUSiC®.

The parts we produce were already present all over the world, but since this week, they are even further away!

See also our previous news: http://www.lbi.fr/LBI-on-its-way-to-Mars

Centrifugal castings, an alternative to forgings

Why choose centrifugal casting?

It is a more economical process: less metal is required to produce optimized profiles therefore the production time is reduced. Moreover, centrifugal castings have better characteristics such as a better dimensional stability and reduced internal tensions.

LBI offers components with optimized shapes thanks to our specific tools for several sectors such as nuclear, defence, shipbuilding, machine tools...
We elaborate the alloys according to your need (international standard or your specification) in order to reach the mechanical and physical characteristics that are specific to a particular application: magnetic permeability, corrosion resistance…

Discover forging/casting alloys equivalences

Advantages of choosing centrifugal casting instead of forging

Pump engineer - choose aluminium bronze for pump components

 First page of the article in Pump Engineer about NAB alloys for pumps
Nickel Aluminium Bronze (NAB) alloys have been developed to resist sea water corrosion. They are used in several applications including pumps (impeller, wear ring, pump body...).
Find out the advantages of NAB compared to stainless steel/duplex alloys by reading the article published by Pump Engineer in its August 2018 edition:

New website for LBI Guss

LBI Guss GmbH (our sales office for Germany and Austria) has a brand new website: http://www.lbi-guss.de/

It has been completely redesigned to be more dynamic and functional and to better describe our offer of castings, our alloys, our production capacities and our know-how.

We hope you find this website more complete and user-friendly.
Our sales team stays at your disposal to answer your questions and requests for centrifugal castings as well as sand castings.
View of the new website of LBI Guss GmbH

Summer holiday 2018

Two LBI hot-air balloons with yellow and blue stripesWe wish you nice summer holidays!

We remind you that our office & workshop will be open all summer through.

If you are looking for castings, feel free to contact us! We would be glad to help.

Your LBI sales team

LBI on its way to Mars!

Artist's impression of the InSight lander
The first interplanetary mission named InSight departed May 5th aboard the rocket Atlas V5. What’s the mission objective? To understand the formation and evolution of Mars and investigate its interior structure.

To do so, InSight is equipped with a seismometer SEIS and its measurements will provide a glimpse into the planet’s internal activity. SEIS carries parts in AluSic® and Exium®, manufactured by the company LBI.

Sphere opened up, showing the two hemispherical shells as well as the Very Broad Band pendulums
SEIS seismometer view
Sphere opened up, showing the two hemispherical shells as well as the Very Broad Band pendulums

AluSic® is used as an optical and electronic support and Exium® as a high frequency vibration damper. The two pieces in Exium® are 12mm for 20mm long and those in Alusic® are 55mm in diameter by 8mm thick.

These two alloys, developed by LBI for very special applications, have extraordinary properties.

See you on November 26th for the landing!

In the meantime, our sales team is at your disposal if you want to know more about this project, our special alloys or our centrifugal foundry capabilities.

Pumps & Valves: why choosing Aluminium Bronze

Use of Aluminium Bronze in valves

Find out why aluminium bronze is a good technical alternative to stainless steels or duplex/superduplex steels in engineering valves and pumps.

For support regarding your projects regarding sea water, please send over your drawings and specifications.

new heavy parts’ centrifugal casting machine

Molten metal during centrifugal casting process

Our ‘heavy parts’ casting foundry (Tecnacem) is now equipped with a new centrifugal casting machine which is dedicated to the production of medium sized and heavy parts. This machine can cast parts with an outside diameter up to 1.600 mm x length up to 2.300 mm. Maximum casting weight depends on our melting equipment, currently 20 tons.

The first part, a pressure nut for a steel mill, was cast on 12/05/2017
Centrifugal casting pressure nut

This new machine will enable us to cast more heavy parts and improve our flexibility and response time for the production of large & heavy parts.

At the present time, we can propose shorter delivery times for large parts, such as rings above OD 3.000 mm and bushings, bearings, nuts or tubes whose weight is in excess of 6 tons.

All materials in our catalogue range (standards or specials), such as copper based alloys, stainless steels or aluminium alloys, may be cast using this machine.

Thanks to our wide range of machining equipment and cutting edge technology together with our highly skilled workforce, parts can be supplied either rough machined (tolerances +/- 1 mm – Ra 12.5 µm) or fully machined as per final drawings and ready to be assembled.

Our sales team remain at your disposal if you should have any further question, and they would be happy to receive your enquiries.

LBI awarded at the Midest Fair

Logo award winner Midest 2016 We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the “International Sales” trophy during the industrial subcontracting Fair Midest 2016 in Paris.

This is thanks to the strong performance of our export sales market which has grown to 85% in 2015.

We sincerely thank our international customers and sales partners, which has enabled us to gain this recognition and award.

Article from Midest Website:

View online : Midest Website

New Leaflet SRI Foundry

Front cover of the presentation leaflet of the SRI sand casting foundry

The new leaflet for our subsidiary SRI Foundry is published. It introduces their activities and their product portfolio of sand castings in copper based alloys.

Feel free to contact us for more information

View online : www.sri-foundry.com

New leaflet LBI Foundries

Front page LBI Foundries leaflet centrifugal and sand casting foundry

The new leaflet for the group LBI Foundries is published. It introduces our activities and the rich product portfolio of our main subsidiaries: LBI for the centrifugal castings and SRI or INOXYDA for the sand castings.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the group and its subsidiaries.

New 3-axes CNC-Lathe HNK 22-25

New 3 axes CNC lathe under assembling New part of our HNK 3-axes machine park, this lathe has a turning capacity up to OD 2.500 mm.
This investment will enable us to be competitive for the production of parts with medium to large dimensions (LBI can cast up to 6 m diameter and up to 20 t. cast weight) and it will assist in shortening our delivery time by taking workload from other machines.
Installed and working since Mai 2016, our new lathe is already well loaded.
Please feel free to contact us for quotes for the production of large parts, LBI can make the difference by machining these completely and economically.
More information about our latest investments in our leaflet here.

3 axes CNC lathe HNK 22-25 for final machining Ø 2.500 mm

WATCH OUT! Fraud attempt

LBI has been victim of several cases of fraud attempt since few days:
someone fraudulently uses our identity (logo + company adress + name of our sales persons) to place orders of raw materials.
In case of doubts, please contact us by phone and let our purchasing dpt. confirm you our PO.
Tel: +33 (0) 387 71 15 11
Please accept our apologizes for this uncomfortable situation.

LBI now ISO 14001 certified

Logo certificate ISO 14001We are proud to announce that LBI is now ISO 14001 approved.

This is the result of our efforts which reflect our commitment to ensure greater awareness of our environmental performance with its impacts and specifically to introduce energy management systems.

Link to the certificate ISO 14001:2004 LR


Inoxyda sand casting foundry We are pleased to inform you that the LBI Group has recently taken over the company INOXYDA.

INOXYDAis a French sand casting foundry specializing in aluminium bronze alloys. It is located in Petit Quevilly near Rouen. With a turnover of about 8 M€ and 50 employees, Inoxyda is able to cast pieces up to 15 tons at its Petit Quevilly site, with extended capabilities of up to 50 tons through their subsidiary FAI in Nantes.

With this new company in its group, LBI has significantly reinforced its position in the non-ferrous casting market, particularly for valves, pumps, sea water heat exchangers, water turbines, or components for the shipbuilding industry.

For more information about INOXYDA: www.inoxyda.fr

4 et 8 rue Etienne Dolet
Téléphone : 02 35 63 78 50
FAX: 02 35 72 99 99
E-mail : contact@inoxyda.fr

Leaflet INOXYDA:

Front cover of the presentation leaflet of the Inoxyda sand casting foundry

Pump impeller in aluminium bronze Pump in aluminium bronze Hub body in aluminium bronze for shipbuilding Cover 8000kg in aluminium bronze for propulsion line
Fully machined valve in aluminium bronze Ship propeller in aluminium bronze for propulsion line Propeller in aluminium bronze for shipbuilding Channel exchangers in aluminium bronze for heat exchanger and condenser Tubular plate in aluminium bronze for heat exchanger and condenser Water box in aluminium bronze for heat exchanger and condenser

2000th cast part at Tecnacem

Molten metal is poured into the rotating metal shell European’s largest vertical centrifugal casting machine is located at our ’Tecnacem’ plant : the machine enables us to cast parts up to 6m O.D. & 20 tons maximum weight. On 26/11/2015 we cast the 2000th part using that casting machine.

The quantity of cast parts has been growing strongly over the last months for serial products markets.

Annual ’cast’ weight has doubled over the last 5 years, with an annual growth of +50%, compared to 2013.

Conflict Minerals

Conflict Minerals – Reach / Dodd Frank Act – 3TG:

Minerais en provenance de zones de conflitAs part of our commitment for a responsible supply chain, some years ago we started to work on compliance with REACH and the Dodd-Frank-Act (Aka conflict minerals or 3TG).

You will find below the completed CMRT (Conflict Material Report Template) and our declaration (CMRT@LBI ), in which we summarize all information collected from our suppliers of Tin and Tungsten (supplied as Ferro-tungsten).

CMRT declaration PDF 56.6 kb

New product leaflet: Valves

Presentation sheet of centrifugal casting components for valves such as duplex valve bodies, bronze bearing, cupro-aluminum rings ...Our new leaflet introducing centrifugally cast components (in Bronze, stainless steels, or as per your specification) dedicated to valves & process valves.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team if you have any question.

Contact : commercial@lbi.fr / +33 387 71 15 11 / www.lbi.fr

Commencement of our new small-casting unit

Employee grabing a tube from the small casting unit during centrifugation processAs the result of a long period of investment our brand new foundry unit, dedicated to the centrifugal casting of small parts, commenced casting its first pieces in May 2015.

This unit, introduced for the production of small parts in stainless steel, non ferrous alloys or in Aluminium, is suitable for sizes ranging from Ø 100 to Ø 600 mm. It is equipped with induction furnaces, gas furnaces, 3 centrifugal casting machines together with dedicated tooling. The complete foundry was designed to enable production in optimum conditions for both work organisation and the quality of the casting.

Liquid metall in the small casting unit during centrifugation processThis unit will normally operate on a 2 shift basis but if necessary a 3rd shift can be added at short notice. This extra unit enables LBI to double its production capacity for small parts and to be much more flexible within our market share. In the coming months our production lead-time will be significantly reduced.

To support the above, our CNC-twin spindle lathes enable fast and precise machining at economical costs.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your requirements for small casting and our sales team as always remains at your disposal.
We will make a difference.

Contact : commercial@lbi.fr / +33 387 71 15 11 / www.lbi.fr

More information about our investments here

New automatic band Saw.

Everising H-560-HA

New automatic band Saw.

Our new automatic band saw was installed in our production department in October 2014.
It gives us a major benefit for the serial production of small casting (rings, bushings, discs) that are produced from a tube.
You can send us enquiries for stainless steel, aluminum or non-ferrous alloys and we can offer competitive prices for your rough or fully machined parts.

More information about our latest investments in our leaflet here.

New 3-axes CNC-Lathe HNK 38-40

Vertical lathe for machining large bushings centrifugal castings
New 3-axes CNC-Lathe HNK 38-40

With a turning capacity of Ø 4,000 mm, this is now the biggest CNC-lathe at LBI. Its installation was only possible thanks to the building of our new ’machine’ workshop (1,600 m² of floor space), which has been operational since Summer 2014 and formed part of the complete reorganization of our factory.
This investment will enable us to be competitive for the production of parts with large dimensions (LBI can cast up to 6 m diameter and up to 20 t. cast weight) and it will assist in shortening our delivery time by taking workload from other machines.
Installed and working since December 1st 2014, our new lathe is always high loaded.
Please feel free to contact us for quotes for the production of large parts, LBI can make the difference by machining these completely and economically.

More information about our latest investments in our leaflet here.

Agent Meeting 2015

Photo of the sales agents at LBIOn March 11th & 12th all the LBI sales Team welcomed its sales representatives for an extraordinary Sales Meeting. They discovered the new face of LBI, a consequence of our large investment programme which commenced in 2013.
The positive team spirit and the general good mood prevalent during the meeting didn’t hide its importance. With a continually increasing Export Sales share reaching 81% in 2014, a very large part of the orders LBI receives is as a result of the fruitful work of our agents. The sales network LBI started 40 years ago is extremely efficient and will continue to grow.
After a busy 2 days of information exchange, technical workshops and presentations on our new markets and investments (see also our investment leaflet), our agents remain more than ever at your disposal to help and support you in your projects which include ’cylindrically spun cast parts’
Here you will find a list of our agents, please do not hesitate to contact them for more information or to ask any questions.

SMM 2014

Stand SMM 2014

The international maritime trade fair SMM took place in Hamburg from September 9th to 12th. LBI had its own booth and, as in previous years’ exhibitions, it was a great pleasure to meet our main customers from the shipbuilding sector. We are pleased to report that we have also made some excellent and promising new contacts.

The fair was also an occasion to introduce our latest investments : a new machining shop of 1600 m², our new large 3 axis CNC vertical lathe of Ø 4.000 mm, a new warehouse and our forthcoming special small casting production unit. These were all well received by our visiting customers, who acknowledged that this new equipment would increase our capacity, our productivity and our flexibility.

Many thanks to all our visitors. We are looking forward to meeting you in 2 years for the next SMM from September 6th to 9th 2016!

New hall - new machines

View of the outside of the LBI machine shop

Our new factory hall of 1.600 m² is already occupied with 5 parallel lathes (4 off coming from the existing production hall + 1 brand new one) installed over the last months. The new parallel lathe, bought new & delivered last June will start to produce in August 2014. Its capacities are Diam. 1.000 mm x Length 9.000 mm.
A 6th lathe is scheduled to be moved from the old to the new production hall and will be in operation by end of October.
We will use the free spaces in the older hall resulting from the moving of those lathes to install a new vertical lathe (3-axes CNC lathe – Maximum diameter 4.000 mm x height 2.000 mm). This will be the biggest lathe at LBI. Installation will start in October and production will start in November 2014.
These investments are increasing our dimensional and production capacities, with a higher production flexibility and a reduced lead-time for the production of large pieces.

Parallel machining of various tubes stainless steel casting Machining of long stainless steel tubes View of all the machines in the machining hall

Expension to South Korea:

LBI is still growing on the global market – the export share is now over 80% - and strengthens its presence in Asia. We are now represented in South Korea by Mr. Denis KIM.
He will from now act as a local support to promote LBI business and will offer full support to our existing and new customers.

We warmly welcome Mr KIM to our company.

Photo Denis Kim
M. Denis Kim – WEGO International
Tel. +82-(0)70-7567-6561
Mobile: +82-(0)10-2609-6561
E-Mail : denis.kim@wegowith.co.kr

Opening of LBI Guss GmbH

Our new Sales office, exclusively dedicated to the representation of companies LBI & SRI on the german market just opened. Our sales engineer Mr. Gerald SCHLAGL remains at the disposal at all our german customers.

LBI Guss GmbH
Schmiedestrasse 5
D-45527 Hattingen

Photo Gerald Schlagl
Your contact: M. Gerald SCHLAGL
Mobile: +49 177 493 64 55
Email: gerald.schlagl@lbi-guss.de

LBI grows!

View of the outside of the LBI machine shopNew LBI logo of the new machining building As a sign of its trust in the future, LBI decided to grow and to build a new machining workshop of 1600 sq. meters. The construction of the new building started in September and the hall will be ready for work during the first quarter 2014. This mandatory step for the development of the company will enable larger machining capacities, more flexibility and higher productivity to satisfy more & more customers, which are always more demanding.

Ministerial visit

Photo of Nicole Bricq, Minister of Foreign Trade Centrifugal castings, Nicole Bricq with Luc Lajoye during a visit at LBI Mrs Nicole Bricq, the French Minister for foreign trades has honored us by choosing LBI for an official visit, to observe and discuss the opportunities for a local medium size industrial company to export its products worldwide.
LBI, a family owned company of 210 employees, exports today approximately 80% of its production in more than 30 countries all around the world.
Welcomed by our CEO Mr Luc Lajoye who guided her into the foundry and our integrated machining workshop, Mrs Bricq has been highly impressed by the variety and the extreme quality of our products, as well as by one of the last contracts signed with a well-known high demanding customer!
See the article from « Le Républicain Lorrain » dated 20/07/2013.

LBI and Exium®AM on Mars !

Conceptual view of InSight lander
The damping alloy EXIUM®AM, developed by LBI, was selected by SODERN / EADS to be part of a system sent to planet MARS, during the next INSIGHT mission (association NASA/ESA) whose launch is planned for 2016.

EXIUM®AM was in competition with elastomer materials and a Titan alloy (TA6V). After 5 months of qualifications tests, the following results were highlighted:
EXIUM®AM shows damping properties equivalent to Elastomer Materials, and much higher than those obtained by Titan alloy TA6V.
Conceptual view of the Insight probe
• Physical and mechanical properties of EXIUM®AM, compared to elastomer Materials, convinced SODERN/EADS to select this alloy for the INSIGHT Mission to Mars.

These mechanical parts will protect measurement devices (embedded in the exploring robot) from vibrations during their use.

LBI opens an office in China

World map centered on ChinaIn order to expand its business on the Chinese market, LBI has opened, with the support of the Lorraine Chamber of Commerce, a local office based in Shanghai.
Mr Lu ZiQi will from now act as a local support to promote LBI business in China, and will offer full support to our existing customers.

You can find hereunder a presentation of LBI in chinese:

Contact Details:
Mr. Lu ZiQi
Phone: +86 21 68868852-843
Mobile: +86 18201709361
Email: zqc.lu-ccilorraine@altios.cn

Welcome to ZiQi!

New web site

Welcome on our new website!

www.lbi.fr image
We hope it will be nicer and easier to use, and that you will find what you are looking for, and even more.

New drilling & grinding machine

 Machine industrielle type fraiseuse aléseuse numérique 5 axes TOS à commande numérique pour le fraisage de bassins d’huile, de rainures de clavette, le perçage et à l’alésage de couronnes ou tube[de] Automatische fünfachsige Bohrmaschine TOS für das Fräsen von Keilnuten, Ölbecken, Ringe, Rohren [en]numerically controlled 5 axes milling and drilling machine TOS for grinding of oil groves, keyways, rings, tubes

LBI has a new numerically controlled 5 axes grinding and drilling machine TOS. The machine is able to drill or grind parts up to Ø 2.500 mm x 1.800 mm height.

This new production tool is particularly adapted to the grinding of oil groves or keyways, or to the drilling of large rings or tubes for several industrial sector such as shipbuilding, mining or tooling machines.

New vertical lathe HNK

Centrifugal moldings in the foreground and a machining lathe in the machining workshop in the background

LBI has a new computer numerically control lathe. This machine having a tray of Ø2500 mm is able to perform pieces until Ø3500 mm and 2000 mm height.

This new tool of production which is equipped with a third axe dedicated to the drilling and the milling is particularly adapted to the production of parts for industrial sectors like energy (wind mill, water and gas turbines), heavy engineering etc.


Quality measurement tool in the laboratoryLBI has launched onto the market a metallic alloy with exceptional properties.
Following a special request of the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales – France), LBI, in collaboration with the laboratory of the famous Ecole des Mines de Paris developed a new alloy with very high damping properties, named EXIUM®AM.

The particular chemical analysis, in association with an exclusive centrifugal casting process, has enabled them to achieve the outstanding properties of EXIUM®AM, which are most interesting between -15°C and + 50°C. Outside this range, it reacts like a cast iron.

The art of casting

"Tremblement de ciel" settles down in Metz

Centrifugal casting sculpture in Aluminum Bronze
The company LBI realized a sculpture in two specimens. These surprising artworks in Aluminum Bronze gilded with fine gold, measure 25 meters high and weigh 11 tons
The first specimen named « The Flame of liberty » is installed in Tokyo. The other one called « Tremblement de ciel » is located in the Arènes of Metz near to the Metz Pompidou Center. Given to France by FUJI-TV, the first Japanese TV. Channel, it symbolizes with pride the 150th anniversary of the treaty of friendship between these two countries.