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Due to a specific industry requirement, LBI has developed a new non-ferrous alloy.
Thanks to its chemical composition and production by centrifugal casting, its distinctive characteristic is to offer excellent damping properties for a metallic material (comparable to those polymer type materials).

The properties of this material are as follows:

  • Cu and Mn based alloy + other elements such as Al, Fe, Ni
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Density : 7.2

Mechanical properties:

  • Rp0.2 > 240 MPa
  • Rm > 520 MPa
  • A > 30 %
  • Young Modulus : 80 GPA
  • Torsion Modulus : 34 GPA
  • Poisson Coefficient : 0.25

Damping properties (Ambient Temperature):

  • tg φ ∼ 1,80.10-2 (equivalent to 2π sin φ ≈ 11,30.10-2)

Damping of various vibrations:

  • Longitudinal mode (4.6 Khertz), tg φ = 1.51.10-2
  • Flexion mode (240 hertz), tg φ = 1.75.10-2
  • Torsion mode (2.7 Khertz), tg φ = 0.82.10-2

Below -30°C and above +60°C, its damping properties are similar to those of grey iron.
But between -15°C and +50°C, this materiel is 10 times better than lamellar graphite grey iron!

This alloy can be spun cast in classical centrifugal form or even plates or discs.

Exium® AM can be used for

  • spatial and aeronautics
  • vibratory damping equipment for precision machining
  • damping brace for pumps or production equipment

Remember: vibration reduction = noise reduction

Exium®AM was selected for the InSight mission. The two pieces in the seismometer SEIS are 12mm in diameter for 20mm long and this material is used as a high frequency vibration damper.

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