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Dimensions and shapes

The centrifugal casting process (or spun casting) is mainly suitable for cylindrical or hollow pieces (rings, tubes etc...). Conical shapes, several different diameters or flange(s) can be obtained on the "as cast" outer profile.
As we do not use cores, the inside diameter is cylindrical and is achieved by the quantity of liquid metal poured into the tooling.
Our extensive range of toolings (more than 1500 dies) enables us to reach the ideal cast sizes and shapes, consequently to propose the most economical solutions.


Minimum Maximum
Outer Ø Lenght Outer Ø Lenght
Short Horizontal centrifugal casting (or spun casting) 60 150 850 1,000
Long Horizontal centrifugal casting (or spun casting) 200 1,000 1,000 4,500
Vertical centrifugal casting (or spun casting) 300 200 6,000 2,500

Minimum weight = 1 Kg - Maximum weight = 22 tons
The inside diameter is defined by the quantity of centrifugally cast (or spuncast) alloy.

Most common shapes:

Tubular sections

-  Black and white diagram of a right pipe
-  Black and white diagram of a flanged pipe
-  Black and white schema of a double flanged pipe : possible realization for welding alloys

Annular sections

Explanatory black and white diagram of tubular sections: Black areas are eliminated by machining

Centrispun cylinders can be cut into multiple rings

Explanatory diagram in black and white of the steps of a unpolished piece to machined pipes

Exemple of centrifugal castings at LBI


A man has his hand on a nut made of brass on a pallet Machined bearing housing in bronze Machining of a roller in stainless steel for zink pot galvanizing Stainless-steel rotary feeder on a palette Photo taken outside of a large conical ring for gas turbines in stainless steel next to a steel worker Worm gear wheel in front of a machining center Photo of a suction roller shell in stainless-steel with a steel worker on the right Zoom on some parts of tubes made of Nickel Aluminium Bronze Photo of a completed flanged bush piece made of bronze Parts made by centrifugatal foundry Flanged bush after rough machining in the machining workshop Flanged bush outsite