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The Company

L.B.I. - Les Bronzes d’Industrie
26 rue de la Republique
BP 70091

Phone : (33) 3 87 71 15 11
Fax : (33) 3 87 71 14 96
E-mail : commercial@lbi.fr

Our philisophy: flexibility & service

Based in the iron and steel region Lorraine, LBI gained its reputation for providing high level of service to local companies. Today, LBI markets has radically changed, but our company maintains this philosophy and readily adapts to fulfil the needs of all our customers.

LBI stays tuned in to its customers in order to supply competitive and technical commercial offers with a view to optimising our costs and searching for innovative technical solutions.

Brief history

Formed in 1919, Les Bronzes d’Industrie (LBI) were initially specialists in heavy
mechanical manufacturing operations, including the production of worm wheels.
They soon became dedicated to foundry activity and specialized in bronze and aluminium sand castings.
In 1960, LBI made their first major advance with a then revolutionary technique : the centrifugal casting process (or spun casting).
Based on the exceptional results of this new process, LBI decided in 1971 to put an end to their traditional foundry and to dedicate themselves exclusively to the centrifugal casting (or spuncasting) of non ferrous alloys.
LBI developed and elaborated their own alloys and soon became one of the French specialists regarding wear resistance parts.
In 1976, the company entered the export markets, thanks to its development of stainless steels.
LBI design and produce their own machines, and have dimensional capacities unique in the world.
Today, LBI have a worldwide presence and export more than 80% of their production.

- 1919 : Setting up of the Company : Sand cast foundry for non ferrous alloys and machine shop.
- 1960 : Beginning of the centrifugal casting activity (spun casting).
- 1971 : LBI close the sand casting department to specialize their activity in the centrifugal casting process for non ferrous metal.
- 1976 : Development of the Stainless steels alloys and expansion of the export markets.
- 1985 : Start of the centrifugal casting of Aluminium alloys
- 1990 : Launching of a research program for metal matrix composite alloys (ALUSiC®).
- 1994 : Acquisition of the company SRI (Saint Rémy Industrie), sand casting foundry of copper based alloys.
- 1999 : Launching on the market of the ALUSiC®.
- 2009 : Launching of a research program for the Exium® AM.
- 2011 : Launching on the market Exium® AM.
- 2013 : Creation of a German sales office LBI Guss GmbH in Hatttingen.
- 2015: Acquisition of the company INOXYDA, sand casting foundry of copper based alloys.

LBI Main figures

  • Staff : 215 persons (Total of the group : 350 persons).

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