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Staff & Quality

LBI realised in they early years that they had to implement Quality in order to meet the requirements of the high tech industries.
Since 1980, our company has issued is own Quality Manual. This document, regularly updated, defines the rules for implementing quality at all stages of the production process. This manual is approved by our customers and includes general and specific procedures complying with the latest quality organization standards.
Our quality system meets with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standards.
In 2007, responding to the specific quality requirements of the aerospace industry, LBI obtained ISO 9100 approval.

From a human perspective, our company benefits from its employees’ exceptional competence: LBI’s higly qualified staff work in perfect collaboration as a team, under the guiding principle of committment to quality and service, in order to meet ever increasing demands of both French and international markets.

With a constant concern for training, LBI has owned its own training school since 1928.

Action was taken in 2007, regarding environmental considerations, to implement the requirements of the norm ISO 14001.